Saturday, May 31, 2008

We've decided to keep her

Our Doula Lanice has been an enormous help.

Mama (fyi it's not acne; beth broke hundreds of blood vessels on her face and shoulders while pushing!!)

Susannah and auntie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Breathe

I hesitate to write this because I don't want to jinx it....but it appears we are in early labor. Baby A could be here soon.

Thanks for your comments and phone calls. We'll send out an email when we have news....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still no baby Haiku

Baked cookies. Again.
Sleep is for the lucky ones.
The bowling ball shifts.

What is more scary
Than labor? Being pregnant
Forever. Shudder.

Are you too young for
Bribes? We'll buy you a pony
Let you watch TV.

Submit your own!
(extra credit for following 5, 7, 5 rule)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still here, still pregnant....

We are ready to go - bags packed, got all the gear, just waiting on the star of the show. Parents are hoping baby Aplin wraps this up soon, and have been encouraging him/her by pleading directly to the belly, eating spicy foods and walking in the park. Other weekend activities included: shopping at the farmer's market, 6 episodes of The Wire, 3 episodes of BBC's Planet Earth, an attempt at cooking Indian food, and some bike rides for Ben. Oh, and a highlight of the weekend for Beth was a 45 minute episode of small contractions on Sunday morning, which of course went nowhere. We were really hoping for the grand entrance (or exit?) this weekend, but alas, as of 10pm on Sunday, no baby. Just restless parents-to-be.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Practice with Hilina and Saida

What to do while you're waiting for your baby to arrive? Play with other people's babies!

Ben A. and Saida had a jam session on Sunday afternoon. We think she learned a few licks. Hilina (not pictured) got in on the action with a rattle.

Add Baby Aplin's drum solos from the womb and we've got a band in the making.

More adorable pics of Saida and Hilina at

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hallelujah! At the OB's office today we learned that baby Aplin will most likely be here sooner than we think. Beth is already 2cm dilated (90% effaced and head at -1, for those of you who happen to understand these things). Our doc was so impressed with the progress that she gave Beth a high-five!

It's a good thing because the whole pregnancy bit is getting pretty arduous. Beth can hardly roll over in bed without getting an assist from Ben.

Baby Aplin looks like _______ .

a) a boy
b) a girl
c) 2 baby Aplins

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Waiting and Wondering (and a little sneezing)

We have been laying low this weekend, spending a few hours at the Botanic Garden's cherry blossom festival (can you tell we hang out there a lot?) and then coming home to watch some dvds and order take-out. Doesn't take much activity to wear Beth out lately. According to our last exam, we are on track for having the little squirt on or around the due date. We'll have another update on Tues, when we have another exam scheduled. So join us in sitting tight and enjoying the beautiful Spring blossoms in the meantime.