Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chattanooga Christmas part one

Merry merry from Lookout Mountain, our first stop on our 2010 Tennessee Christmas tour. Below S reading some favs with Great Aunt Tin (or, "Great," or "Tin").

Ben, Matt and S took a tour through Rock City. S kept asking "where the play ground?" Other than that she cracked up during Fat Man Squeeze and was slightly creeped-out during the "enchanted caverns," or whatever that is... At the place where we were supposed to see seven states, she was asking if we could "go in the car," and asked again where the playground was.

She did think Fat Man Squeeze was hilarious...

S, dad, and "O' Matt" (Uncle Matt) in front of "Lover's Leap."

Swing Along Bridge!!

feel the magic!!