Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Swap

This week somebody took our baby in the middle of the night and replaced her with one who eats solid food. This new baby also answers to the name Susannah, and she eats three meals a day. Fish. Chicken. Pasta. Avocado. Waffles. Soy yogurt. And many other things. She also drinks soy milk from a "tippy" cup, points at random objects and waves to strangers on the street.

I don't know if it was all the quality time with Moonpie and Auntie A-Lo, or the visit to the allergist and dietician, or maybe just the general sense that Mom's boobs (and Mom) were wearing out, but this new baby is a lot of fun. We think we'll keep her.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Susannah and her Dad

I guess since it was Father's Day weekend, Ben decided he could do whatever he wanted so he gave Susannah a haircut. I was thinking it would be a tiny little trim since her bangs were getting in her eyes a bit. But he goes and cuts like a whole inch! Maybe more! And it is not at all even!! He thinks it looks cool, like some sort of Scandinavian hipster baby haircut. I think it looks exactly like the kind of do I used give my babydolls when I was like five years old.

S was not into it at first.

Then she gasped and was all, "What did you do to my soft downy beautiful baby hair?!"

Then she thought, "I'm a baby, who cares."

In other news, the crawling is on! She really seems to enjoy being on the floor and is getting stronger every day.

Having fun with Dad, though the next haircut will be left to the scissors of a professional. Mom's orders.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Geez Louise

Despite S's cool demeanor, it's been kind of a rough week for the Aplin fam. Friday Susannah woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever. Our doctor thought she might be getting the flu and prescribed Tamiflu, which she promptly threw up (twice). Over the weekend the fever came down and congestion set in. She seems better today but is coughing up a lot of mucus and has had hardly any solid food in six days. (Except for the time when I was asleep and Ben tried to give her some hummus which has sesame in it which she is allergic to, so the Benadryl had to come out. Good times.) We have her one-year checkup tomorrow so we'll make sure that she's improving.

Today we celebrate our 4th anniversary, and Ben is feeling sick. I had it for about two days and now it is his turn. I don't think we have the flu -- despite the worldwide pandemic. I think we'd be feeling a hell of a lot worse if it really was the flu.

It's a bummer because Susannah was on an awesome upswing before this latest bug. She gained about 3/4 of a pound in three weeks and was eating all kinds of food and started to crawl! We just hope that soon she'll be back to 100 percent so she can resume kicking ass and my blood pressure can go down.

Here's a few more pics from Chattanooga. First swim with Daddy. She liked the water but hated the glare in her eyes. (This was before she got two awesome pairs of sunglasses for her birthday.)

She didn't much like blackberries but she really liked smashing them on her head. Hope this one isn't too gory for folks.

Chillin on the front porch during a visit with Ibbe, one of her great-grandmothers.

Hopefully this weekend we will be able to get out and have some fun. It's bye-bye for now from the House of Phlegm.