Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chattanooga Christmas part one

Merry merry from Lookout Mountain, our first stop on our 2010 Tennessee Christmas tour. Below S reading some favs with Great Aunt Tin (or, "Great," or "Tin").

Ben, Matt and S took a tour through Rock City. S kept asking "where the play ground?" Other than that she cracked up during Fat Man Squeeze and was slightly creeped-out during the "enchanted caverns," or whatever that is... At the place where we were supposed to see seven states, she was asking if we could "go in the car," and asked again where the playground was.

She did think Fat Man Squeeze was hilarious...

S, dad, and "O' Matt" (Uncle Matt) in front of "Lover's Leap."

Swing Along Bridge!!

feel the magic!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I woke from a nap to Beth saying something like, "come on, daddy's coming too. forced family fun." Then Susannah in her costume, also not too sure about the game plan.

Mama. Really?

But then Susannah was at the door, "come dadda, come! I readyyyy!" So we went out and S was all cute like Super Girl .

Just when she was getting into the flying gag, we realized it was cold out so she had to sport the coat and hat, which made her look more like a J Crew Stuffed Bear with a sparkly cape sticking out from behind her pea coat.

It took her a short moment to get into the trick-or-treat thing, but then she found no problem asking people for "treeaaaat!" She was generally pretty enthusiastic, until she ran into the gags that gave her pause, such as some creepy star-wars villains, or the mechanized talking jack-o-lantern. Of course, mom and dad pocketed all the peanut (mom) and chocolate candy, which S is allergic to. The only thing she actually ate was some sort of gummy, sugar-coated thing, most of which stuck to her face and actually did leave small welts around her mouth for half an hour (god knows what she's allergic to in the world of manufactured gummy treats). Nonetheless, she really liked carrying around a pumpkin full of brightly-colored wrapped objects. She also of course loved all the dogs that she met along the way, some of them were actually in costume, one as a carrot.

Back at the building with her best bud Adele singing a little row-row-your-boat. A successful Halloween. How many years before she wears a costume involving fake blood?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in the twilight zone

Hi all. We're back at Bkln hospital with asthma and maybe/probably a
bit of pneumonia. We got here around midnight after rapid breathing
and a fever lasted two days in spite of lots of prednisone/albuterol/
etc. She looks a lot better now (as usual, a lot better than her
parents). We will be here tonight and possibly tomorrow night too.

Good news is she's way better than last year. We even got to see last
year's x-Ray next to yesterday's and there was a huge difference.

Beth just tagged out and went home. Ben manning the fort here in the
hospital. She really is looking a lot better. Thanks for all your
texts & calls.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bye bye baby!

Well friends, I am sitting by myself at the La Guardia airport,
getting ready to embark on 48 hours of fun and relaxation sans my dear
husband and darling daughter. It's my first little trip by myself
since Susannah was born.

Where am I going? You'll never guess. Chattanooga! I'm going to a
lakeside bachelorette party and since it's such a short trip I won't
be going up any mountains to visit family. Sorry mom! Sorry dad! I
know it's not a major infraction since I don't have the Suz with me.
I'll be alternating between my bathing suit and my sweatpants for the
next two days.

It was difficult to leave the kiddo, no surprise there. She's had a
real hard week which kicked off Monday at 5 am with an asthma episode
and fever. As usual that's a scary, sleep depriving experience for
us all but we had all the meds and in time she got better. She looked
great this morning so that was a big relief.

Boarding now, time to say adios! I hope ben and sus get a lot of good
ninja training in while I'm gone!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Visit from Pappa

Pappa spent a little time with the little monkey drawing turtles, frogs, fish and monkeys.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Susannah's first bike ride

She loved being on a bike, even though she did fall asleep about 5
minutes after I took this video. We were a bit nervous but Beth did a
great job!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ice-Cream Face

In DUMBO after getting wired on Rasberry Sorbet from Jacques Torres.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

One week in a toddler bed

You may not have heard much from the Aplins this past week because we
are all a little sleep deprived. Susannah started climbing out of the
pack n play on vacation and the trend continued when we got home and
put her back in her crib. It is pretty strange to wake up and hear "
mama!" and then open the door to your toddler standing in the middle
of her room like some kind of magician.

The toddler bed is cute and somewhat of a pain because she can get in
and out of it at any hour of her choosing. (hence the lack of sleep,
especially at nap time.). I think she's getting used to it though and
even likes it.

She's growing up! It's a transistion for us all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear family and friends,

An online magazine called The Morning News has published a personal essay of mine!  Please check it out at www.themorningnews.org

The profanity decreases dramatically after the first line.

Thanks for your support!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Love Maine. We Love the Chandlers. We Love Rhino.

Summer in Maine is bliss. On Friday, we left the humid smog of the city behind with a quick flight to Portland and a short drive north to Carly and Richard's place in Poland - clean blue lake, green trees and fresh air. Susannah couldn't get enough of the place, especially their dog Quinn and her fellow toddler Orrin.

I have noticed considerable changes in Susannah over the last weeks. Perhaps this is because I haven't spent as much time with her lately, working a lot and being gone to Africa for two weeks. In Maine, and as we moved from Poland to Portland and then further south along the coast to Kennebunkport, I witnessed growth mainly in two areas - speech and defiance. She is putting together more short phrases ("dadda drives" "I need mama" "I need help" "more hot-dog please"...). She has also looks me in the eye while repeatedly disobeying me (e.g. "Susannah don't touch the ants, just watch..," after which she puts both hands on pile of ants and scatters them all over - "bye-bye ants!!". I secretly wished they had bitten her, but for some reason they were merciful).

Regardless, it has been a fantastic trip with amazing weather - cool, blue skies - and we still have a few more days left here in Kennebunkport with its gorgeous coastline (even if it is the home of the progenitor of our late jack-ass-in-chief. Today we drove past the compound, busy with gawking tourists in pastel polos, security cameras and black town cars).

Any-who, back to Poland - below Susannah continues to resist the love of water, which we know she eventually will overcome....

S on the dock with dadda and Scratch Dent.

A popsicle on the dock with mama

Remember a similar shot several years ago? She is slowly liking kayaks more - one stroke at a time.

Chillin on the boat with bff Lauren Hansen!

Driving the boat with Carly - a huge highlight, especially for a girl who is on the fence about boats. Susannah LOVES Carly.

Below: Orrin, Richard and Rhino, the latter an extremely important member of the Chandler family (FYI, Rhino doesn't float).

Orrin and Susannah - bf4ev.

Susannah, Orrin, Carly and Maisy - shhh...night-night.

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