Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Chatt and Getting Fat

It is so good to be back home with all the helping hands. And we've been able to fatten little Susannah up a bit too.

Susannah had so much fun with this thing - this "excersaucer". We must have one.

Susannah refusing to go to bed and hanging out with Grandma Jill instead - S has been in good hands.

Aunt Kelly feeding Susannah some avocado - yes we found out that she likes avocado and banana. But only when they are mashed up. Nothing out of a jar for this girl.

The Cranwell grandparents and their two new grandchildren - S and Willow.

Guess who gained like a pound during the last week.

Getting to know uncle Matt while munchin on a little banana.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Adventures in NYC

Over the avenues and through the dirty bodegas to find our first Brooklyn Christmas tree. (We used to just wrap our bikes with color lights but now that we've got the kid and all we decided to do things right.) Here's Susannah and Ben wondering how we are going to get this thing home.

Here's Dad braving the traffic on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope.

Past the pretty brownstones and up the hill to our apartment. He didn't even complain, much to my surprise.

We even upgraded to pretty white lights this year!

Now Susannah's wondering where all the ornaments are. Grandparents, this is where you come in....

On it like a bonnet

Anna took this picture recently-- I think it is so cute.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter 1, Aplins 0

Long time no post. We all got sick all at different times with different things, and then I had big deadlines at school and Ben had big deadlines at work and Susannah recently decided she needs all of the attention all of the time. And really, how could you say no to this face?

Before all that though we had a great Thanksgiving right here in the 'hood with Genevieve, Patrick and baby Benjamin and then we helped the Thomases decorate their huge tree and once again we have no photos to prove that we do actually get out of the apartment. Getting out of the apartment has been harder lately since it's gotten cold. But don't worry all you southerners, we've got a myriad of things to keep little punkin bundled: A bear suit above, a blue snow suit and a bunny suit below. And then there's this fleece pouch that goes over all of that. She always seems to be saying, can we just go already?!

Now that she's six months old, we have new indoor activities to add to old favorites. Here's watching the rain and snuggling with Dad.

Pulling Dad's hair -- lots of fun for S but Dad may differ.

Listening to violin practice. Hey man, she says, when is it my turn?

Lastly, we went to the pediatrician today, and Susannah is just about 15 pounds and about 26 inches tall. Guess she might be a peewee like her parents after all!