Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Summer, and Thank you



Hello, Beth here.  So Susannah had a rock'n'roll summer.  She went to Chattanooga, Florida, Maine, Cape Cod and Quebec.  She had visits from Papa, Moonpie and Anne Louise.  She learned to ride a tricycle with Buzzy and Shay Shay and she picked blueberries with Jill.  She went to the Bronx Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the Prospect Park Carousel, and playgrounds all up and down this fair city, from the Upper East Side to the South Street Seaport.  Girlfriend got around.

Her allergist said she was still allergic to a bunch of things, but she eats butter by the forkful.  Her kidney doctor said her kidneys looked better than ever.  Hurrah!  She turned three.  She started potty training.  She knows all the words to Chattanooga Choo-Choo.  She now throws things on the ground (or at the person next to her) whenever she doesn't get her way.  Girlfriend got feisty.

She gained four pounds in four months.  There's a friendly dragon that lives in her room, and a worm and caterpillar and sometimes a snake, and they must all be removed before she can go to sleep.  She told someone on the elevator in our building that she had a baby sister and the baby sister's name was "Emma the Cat."  Folks, you can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Susannah Takes Canada by Storm

The Aplins made it out of the country as a family for the first time, barely. After being reassured by Delta that we could get our child out of the country with only a birth certificate and not a passport, we were stopped at JFK on 9/11 and told that everyone needs a passport to travel to Canada. By air, that is. So we rerouted through Burlington, VT, rented a car and easily passed through the border to the land of maple leaves. We didn't get to visit Montreal as we had planned, but we did get to check out Burlington - quite nice - and enjoy a pleasant, quick and easy road trip up to North Hatley, Quebec, where Papa and Jill awaited. Toddler shenanigans ensued. Below, S struts her stuff in the garden of the house that Papa and Jill rented for the week.

In front of the house, next to Lake Massawippi

Joking around with Papa

Committed to the playground, no matter where we go.

Paddlin around with Dad.

In front of the "Blue House" with Papa and Jill.

The part of her favorite dance where she orders everyone to "go crazy! go crazy!"

Monday, August 1, 2011

Forced Family Fun - Maine and Cape Cod

Dad and Zannah on Tripp Pond in Maine

Reluctantly Kayaking with Dad

On the trampoline

City girl on the trail

Zanimal kicking at the camera

Zannah and her buddy Orrin

Chattin it up with the Jones'

In deep thought as usual

Sunset on Tripp Pond

In front of our Cape Cottage with uncle Ronnie and Aunt Lauren


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 350 Lincoln Gang

At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden members' picnic night with our BFFs from 350 Lincoln Place...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick hello from Maine/Cape Cod!!

A quick hello from vacay land. We just finished up a great long weekend with a bunch of good buds and now we're on cape cod with the Rahas. From the lake (photo below) to the beach summer vacation rules!!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bronx Zoo, Underhill Playground Summer, the High Line and Graduation from pre-pre-school

Today we took the Zanimal the Bronx Zoo. Not sure which was more of an animal in this photo:

The happy family before melt-down hour. Giraffes in the back ground.

Moonpie has been indefatigable as usual. Here we are at the Underhill Playground swings. You may remember this scene from a blog post in 2009!! Paige, Susannah's good buddy, is on the left. Her mom Liz pushing swings with Moonpie.

One more of the million things she can do by herself.

Now we're headed to the Highline, a cool elevated park in west Manhattan.

Can you feel the love? Married six years now!!

Part of the Highline. For some reason it's so relaxing to watch Manhattan traffic buzz below...

Paige, BFF4Ev.

Here we are at pre-pre-school graduation. Graduating without student debt!!

Bluebells at BBG (see old blog post for "wow time flies/they grow up so fast" moment). I think this was May...