Friday, April 16, 2010

Susannah and Spring

Guess who cannot figure out how to upload the photos from her fancy phone onto this blog? Sigh. Until Ben gets home I will use what I have.

In addition to technical challenges and school, my excuses for not blogging now extend to awesome weather. We kicked off spring in mid-March down in Chattanooga. A one-week stay extended to two so we could attend the funeral and celebrate the life of Carol Aplin, Susannah's great-grandmother. I did not know Carol very well, but I sure am grateful to her. I now have so many wonderful people in my life because of the family she and her husband started many decades ago.

Here's Susannah in a pretty dress the day of the funeral, and chowing down on the porch afterward. She was happy all the time she was in Chattanooga, and one of her favorite places at Papa (formerly Grandpa Paintbrush) and Jill's was the front door. She'd put her hands and face on the glass and watch the birds and the squirrels while trying to pet Alice. The tutu was optional.

Since we got back we've been going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a couple of times a week. Something new is blooming all the time. First the magnolia trees and now the cherry blossoms and lilacs, and soon to follow will be azaleas and wistera and bluebells and roses and other things that I don't know the names of, so get ready for the requisite photos.

Susannah loves the fish and the ducks in the pond. Here's a sample from Saturday.

Here fishy fishy

Making a duck face

Mommy gets a kiss

Headed for some spaghetti!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Susannah's first Easter when she can eat a peep

Moonpie came in town for Easter, the weather was beautiful and Susannah was happy. Highlights of the weekend: the big playground in DUMBO, the new park south of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the blooms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Oh yeah, and Susannah ate her first Peep, or rather the head of a Peep.

Here we are Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. There's a pretty primo playground down there that resembles a huge pirate ship.

Ben teaches Susannah how to throw rocks in the river.

Susannah biting the head off her very first Peep; it took her a while to recognize it as food.

The best family portrait we could muster before we gave up.

While Beth toiled away on her masterpiece in the library, Susan, Ben and Anne-Louise toured the BBG. Susannah admired the new blooms and mastered the hedge-maze at the childrens' garden with a little help from Moonpie.

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