Sunday, October 31, 2010


I woke from a nap to Beth saying something like, "come on, daddy's coming too. forced family fun." Then Susannah in her costume, also not too sure about the game plan.

Mama. Really?

But then Susannah was at the door, "come dadda, come! I readyyyy!" So we went out and S was all cute like Super Girl .

Just when she was getting into the flying gag, we realized it was cold out so she had to sport the coat and hat, which made her look more like a J Crew Stuffed Bear with a sparkly cape sticking out from behind her pea coat.

It took her a short moment to get into the trick-or-treat thing, but then she found no problem asking people for "treeaaaat!" She was generally pretty enthusiastic, until she ran into the gags that gave her pause, such as some creepy star-wars villains, or the mechanized talking jack-o-lantern. Of course, mom and dad pocketed all the peanut (mom) and chocolate candy, which S is allergic to. The only thing she actually ate was some sort of gummy, sugar-coated thing, most of which stuck to her face and actually did leave small welts around her mouth for half an hour (god knows what she's allergic to in the world of manufactured gummy treats). Nonetheless, she really liked carrying around a pumpkin full of brightly-colored wrapped objects. She also of course loved all the dogs that she met along the way, some of them were actually in costume, one as a carrot.

Back at the building with her best bud Adele singing a little row-row-your-boat. A successful Halloween. How many years before she wears a costume involving fake blood?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in the twilight zone

Hi all. We're back at Bkln hospital with asthma and maybe/probably a
bit of pneumonia. We got here around midnight after rapid breathing
and a fever lasted two days in spite of lots of prednisone/albuterol/
etc. She looks a lot better now (as usual, a lot better than her
parents). We will be here tonight and possibly tomorrow night too.

Good news is she's way better than last year. We even got to see last
year's x-Ray next to yesterday's and there was a huge difference.

Beth just tagged out and went home. Ben manning the fort here in the
hospital. She really is looking a lot better. Thanks for all your
texts & calls.