Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars are Long but this Entry is Short

Well, as most everybody already knows, we were at the hospital with Susannah last week. She got another UTI we found out Friday night; Saturday morning she started a new antibiotic; Saturday afternoon she ran a fever; Saturday night we were at the emergency room. She was on i.v. antibiotics for 48 hours followed by oral antibiotics. She did fine.

Tuesday afternoon we came home. Unfortunately she caught a nasty cold at the hospital and Tuesday night and Wednesday were stressful because her fever came back in addition to a harsh cough, snotty nose and little bit of vomiting. We were worried that maybe the UTI was still not under control, but once the fever passed Wednesday night we all felt a lot better and knew it was just a cold.

There are a lot of details that I will skip. In short, it was rough and things are better now. Everyone knows this is a sucky situation. It will get better once she has her ureters reattached, and we will meet with the urologist in early March in hopes of setting a date for that surgery. Until then all we can do is endure and help make Susannah as happy as possible.

This blog was intended to keep Susannah's admirers abreast of her adventures here in the big city. Here's to fewer medical updates and more about the fun she is having.

Playing with Grandma Moonpie

Making herself at home in the hospital

Checking out the chickens in Chinatown

A busy Sunday morning with Dad

Little monkey's favorite monkey

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aplins Finally Leave Apartment (with Baby and Camera)

A balmy day in February, so we get adventurous and head into Manhattan to meet Ben-David and James for brunch. Susannah, who thinks we are going to another doctor's appointment, is not very happy at this moment.

This is S after we let her gnaw on a piece of bread for half an hour. She thinks brunch is much better than apple sauce in the high chair.

James points out the finer points of NoLita to Susannita.

Making our way through Chinatown. She's looking around for possible doctor's offices.


Swinging in the Lower East Side. Hipsters in fixed-gear bikes were playing bike polo one block south and no junkies or dead rats to be found.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Monkey Sits Up, Eats Banana

Sitting up! That's what we've been practicing around here. It is what she wants to do and we are doing our best to keep the face plants to a minimum.

Mealtime has been more of a challenge. Little shnookums was 16 pounds, 6 ounces at the pediatrician on Friday, which is exactly the same as the week before. Sigh. She has been rejecting all solid food with the exception of banana, which she laps up every single time it is offered to her. We mix it with rice cereal and have had success with new cereals like oatmeal. Our pediatrician suggested offering one new food every day for seven days. She is on day 4 of applesauce and it is still a no-go.

She likes her new high chair and likes giving orders from it.

I'll feed myself, thank you.

If you even think of putting applesauce on that spoon . . . .

That's it. You're fired.

Otherwise, we wait for doctors' appointments to roll around. We go to the nephrologist Feb. 12 and back to the urologist Feb. 17. We have a sodium test tomorrow and the latest urine culture was clean, so all in all we can't complain. Now if we could just slide some bacon grease in those bananas....