Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bronx Zoo, Underhill Playground Summer, the High Line and Graduation from pre-pre-school

Today we took the Zanimal the Bronx Zoo. Not sure which was more of an animal in this photo:

The happy family before melt-down hour. Giraffes in the back ground.

Moonpie has been indefatigable as usual. Here we are at the Underhill Playground swings. You may remember this scene from a blog post in 2009!! Paige, Susannah's good buddy, is on the left. Her mom Liz pushing swings with Moonpie.

One more of the million things she can do by herself.

Now we're headed to the Highline, a cool elevated park in west Manhattan.

Can you feel the love? Married six years now!!

Part of the Highline. For some reason it's so relaxing to watch Manhattan traffic buzz below...

Paige, BFF4Ev.

Here we are at pre-pre-school graduation. Graduating without student debt!!

Bluebells at BBG (see old blog post for "wow time flies/they grow up so fast" moment). I think this was May...