Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Winter Update

Oh my goodness!  Blogging!  Beth here.  Let's see if I can remember how to do this. 

Well, most of you know what a charming, delightful child Susannah is.  What we have been experiencing quite a bit lately is what I will politely call the Force of Her Will.  The Force of Her Will can prevent itself anytime, anywhere.  Sometimes it is anxiety-provoking, like when she refuses to hold my hand while crossing the street and instead chooses to sit down in the crosswalk.  Not cool.

Other times it is merely sigh-inducing, for she rarely agrees to leave the apartment unless she's wearing her batman or superman shirt or her spiderman pajamas.  She does wear her coat and hat though (gloves are out of the question) so we've got that going for us in this 40-degree weather. 
Beyond the Force of Her Will, she is still a lot of fun.  Not sure if she's a marshmallow or a weighlifter in this photo above.  It's true she spends most of each day engaged in harmless mischief.  Speaking of pumping up, Susannah is outgrowing her milk allergy and has been sucking down real yogurt, real cheese and real milk.  If I never have to smell vegan cheese again for the rest of my life I will be a better woman for it.  She sometimes gets a little redness around her mouth and chin, but I told her if she would just eat the whole chocolate croissant instead of breaking it open, bringing it to her face, and using only her teeth to claw out the chocolate, that she probably wouldn't have any redness.  She weighs over 30 lbs now!  Carrying her for more than a block is not a good idea for one's back.  Which is why when the Force of Her Will arrives when we are headed home from the subway and she decides she will not walk, neither of us are too happy.  Cupcake bribery is wielded freely in these situations.
Let's see, what else.  It's a little challenging to take pictures of her now because she knows how the phone/camera/computer works and she wants to take all the pictures.  One of my favorites, above.
And here we have the infamous Spiderman shirt.  The goggles are an occasional addition.
2012 has brought a fabulous ritual into our lives -- the Sleepover!!  We started this little arrangement with our neighbors and best buddies, the parents of Paige.  It is AWESOME.  The girls love it and they really do sleep at night.  Do you have any idea how awesome it is to drop your kid off somewhere great where you doesn't cost you a dime, go out and have fun, come home late, sleep late, and then go pick up your kid, who's already had breakfast, by walking down a carpeted hallway in your slippers?!  It's almost as good as having grandparents nearby.  Paige and her parents are moving this summer though (boohoo!) so we are trying to enjoy this while we can.

The video above is a little snippet of the last sleepover.  I'm not sure if S is saying "where the pick go" or "where's the pencil." 

That's all for now!  I am finally feeling better after months of recurring sinus infections.  I have energy now!  I can breathe through my nose!  Life is beautiful!

Saturday, February 4, 2012