Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ups and Downs

This week Susannah is recovering from a urinary tract infection. She started a new medication Wednesday and has been feeling better every day since. Sunday through Wednesday were not so fun and her fever was making me very very nervous. But she's on the mend now and we're back to enjoying her.

These pictures are from last week when Grandpa Jim and Jill were here. S was a walking machine and even took about a dozen steps in the hallway all by herself! (Though during a repeat mission she butted her head on the wall and wasn't too happy.) Every day could be the day that she lets go of our hands and walks off, so we are watching and waiting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So Much Fun

Playing, babbling, laughing, climbing, cruising, crashing (then sometimes crying), troublemaking and almost walking, Susannah is very much the toddler these days. We are having the best time with her.

Lately our favorite thing to do is get our coats on and walk outside. She can almost walk all the way to the playground just by holding my finger. It takes forever because she wants to stop and stare at every person we pass, pet every doggie that walks by, or touch every piece of trash on the sidewalk. But it is still a lot of fun and she charms a lot of people. She likes to walk up to our favorite bodega and knock on the door. It's pretty cute.

Hard to capture all that with a camera, but her she is mugging it up.

Cheering for the Yankees

Hearing that it is bedtime.

Out for a spin at the playground

Dad put her in a pile of New York City leaves.....

Some snack for me

And some for the baby.

Baby yoga!